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Virtual Visit

If you are feeling ready to take your health to the next level then this service is for you. 


We take a deep dive together into your healing journey. We will speak about all areas of your life and find the best way to support you and your healing at this time. This is a co-creation of what health and wellness looks and feels like for you. I am able to meet you exactly where you are at and offer the knowledge and guidance most fitting for you at this time. Medicine takes many forms and being able to tune into your frequency to be guided to what is the most beneficial medicine for you is my intention and gift to you. 

Custom Flower Essence Blend 

If you are struggling with the same patterns on repeat and you feel ready to release and step into a new level of awareness and freedom then this service is for you. 

Flower essences work on the physical, mental and emotional bodies. They are teachers that help us see where we are holding onto dense energy or old thought patterns and release them with ease and grace, moving towards alignment. I create a custom blend by selecting flower essences that match your resonance for your highest healing and benefit.

Food Intolerance Testing


Naturopathic medicine has taught me to remove the obstacle to health and many times there are foods that don’t resonate in our bodies and keep us in states of perpetual imbalance. I have witnessed changes in skin, health and overall wellbeing just by removing offending foods in myself and in people I work with. What we put into our bodies is truly the foundation of health. 

I seek to help guide you to the best foods that you not only enjoy but also make you feel amazing and heal your body. 

Super Health Food

Optimal Supplement Check


If you are seeking clarity on what is working for you and what isn’t or want some guidance on what would be best for your nutritional needs then this service is a great option. 


There are so many supplements and herbs on the market and no one brand or kind is right for everyone. We all have very unique genetics and nutritional needs. I tap into a higher knowing and select the supplements that are the most absorbable and best suited for your biochemistry and physical needs at this time.  

Herbal Medicine

Wildcrafting Herbal Medicine

This is an opportunity to fully experience a herbal medicine making adventure. Get your hands dirty and feed all your senses by stepping into the world of wild crafting herbs and the joy of making your own medicine.  


I am passionate about nature and all the wonderful healing allies. I make many of my own medicines from the plants right in my backyard. I love teaching other how to work with the healing herbs right in their area. I make salves, tinctures, teas, body oils, flower essences, and many more wonderful healing concoctions. I would love the opportunity to take you or a group out for a day of medicine making, learning, discovery and co-creation. I teach you how to honor the plant healers and how to work with them in an intentional way. 


Full Circle Cooking


If you are working on changing what and how you eat and you are feeling confused about what to buy or how to properly prepare foods for the most benefit for your body and enjoyment then this service is for you. 


I love to cook and create beautiful nutrient dense meals that feed our bodies and souls. Making changes to the way we feed ourselves can be daunting. I’m here to show you how fun, easy and enjoyable the whole process can be. I guide you from start to finish with many tips, insights and traditional wisdom sprinkled on top. It is my desire for you to feel empowered when it comes to feeding your body and have a deliciously great time doing it. 




Learn how to harvest wild plants and make herbal medicines




Learn how to plan, shop and cook the most nutrient dense and delicious meals with ease

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